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Fashion Trends To Come in 2019

Before we know it, 2019 will finally be here to serve us some trendy fashionable do’s and don’ts (lol). Now lets think for a second…what is there to come with the fashion wave ? I have done some snooping around and found some interesting runway shows.. Lets check it out : Velvet is definitely not going anywhere, but an emerging trend may possibly be T-shirts … Continue reading Fashion Trends To Come in 2019

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Winter Skin Care Products

I went shopping yesterday and gathered some products I think will help extract the rough patches of my face and smooth everything out for a flawless natural look! I used these products before and I have no complaints, I receive more compliments about my face when I have no makeup on, and it is also good to use under your makeup before starting. (These products … Continue reading Winter Skin Care Products

Why Have A New Year’s Resolution?

People all over the world celebrate New Years Eve as well as New Years Day. A question seems to always stick year after year.. “What is your New Years Resolution?” Some people may answer back saying: “What is the point? Why does it matter? It is not like I am going to follow it anyway…” Honestly, I think New Year Resolutions are great to push … Continue reading Why Have A New Year’s Resolution?

Makeup Review: Urban Decay- Born To Run

My birthday passed recently and I turned 20 (woowooo!) and my best friend sursprised me with a new eyeshadow palette. The palette is called “Urban Decay: Born To Run Eyeshadow Palette”. This palette looks amazing on my skin and the colors are decently pigemented for my complextion. The colors from this palette I decided to use were: Baja Accelerate Ignite Punk Double Life Results: I … Continue reading Makeup Review: Urban Decay- Born To Run