A Fashionable Bombshell

Hello lovelies! You may or may not be wondering right now what I am working on, but I shall show and tell anyway!


 Lets Begin shall we ? 


To start off the working progress, I created a long collard t-shirt with a floral and plaid print. Along with that is a cute shirt made with polyester and cotton jean fabric. All fabrics were from Mood Fabrics (NYC) and Central Fabrics (East Orange, NJ).

26-10-17-4613_edited (1).jpg

Next up is this shirt that appears to have a shawl around the neckline. It is unfinished of course because I am still learning how to drape and sow without the knowledge of it from college or mentors. Not bad eh? I used silver polyester fabric along with a polyester black fabric, which is from a dress by Zara that I did not like so much. I am into recycling old clothes or clothes that I do not wear anymore into new items that I love. So my old favorite t-shirt may be sowed into a new and improved skirt!

Lastly, (for now), I present my first ever draped dress! I thought about an awards show or the red carpet because of how sparkly and edgy the fabric looks. I made it A-symmetrical because the fabric I received was not cut evenly with the selvage. I work with what I got (no complaints). This took me a total of fifteen minutes! This is also not sowed, so this dress is held together with pins as we speak ! This fabric was a gift from an Internship I recently did this year, The Cannon Media Group.

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