Dear Diary: A Motivational Message

Sometimes life can be an entanglement of nonsense, but looking towards the end result will push you forward. Whether its love, family, friends, or even work & school, there has to be a drive to keep going in your journey. People may have to leave in order for YOU to be happy. Maybe that miserable job is not working out so well and you have a burning passion to do other things? My mother always told me to never settle, or sell myself short, because I have so much to offer this world.
If you believe in Jesus/God or a high power, use that to your advantage and stability.  All of us need support in some shape or form. So why depend on yourself if you know that you can be your worse enemy? Gain trust in yourself through the power of Christ or through the power of your belief. Hold on to it, change and keep an open mind, adjust your life as you move forward, and just….breathe.
You will get through this, you will be stronger, and you will be wiser than you use to be.
Have a Good Day and enjoy yourself. 
                                                                              -Ashadah ❤



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