OOTD- Kendrick Lamar DAMN Tour

Since this was my first concert..EVER.. I figured I should take this opportunity to show how much fun I had as well as some tips on what to wear to concerts related to rap & hiphop. 

Kendrick Lamar GIf

 I had a phenomenal time at the Kendrick Lamar DAMN. Tour which was hosted at the prudential center in Newark. I recommend purchasing a ticket because the pre-show was bumping and really pumped me up for the main event! Anyways enough of that, lets get straight to the fashion.

Besides the basic DAMN. t-shirts, a fashionista always wants to stand out. I was somewhat of a showstopper and I was comfortable. PLEASE keep the theme of street wear for concerts that are specifically for rap and hip-hop.
Ashadah Austin
DAMN. T-shirt
Try to always strive for :
  1. Colors Like: Gray , Red, Black, Navy Blue, and White for a base of your outfit. Which colors would you want to stand out the most?
  2. Graphic Tees: Color block with your base color like yellow, green, baby blue or which ever is the album color for the artist you will see performing.
  3. Ashadah Austin
    DAMN. Tour Concert Outfit
  4. Jeans: Pants is way better than fancy dresses when it comes to comfort, so why not wear it to the concert? After all it is rap and Hip-hop not a symphony. Ripped jeans or dark skinnys will be the best to show attention to your upper body. (for the awesome graphic tees of course)
  5. Stay Away from: Tights, high-heels, heavy purses, tight hair styles, skirts, and dresses. The tighter the clothes, the worse the sweat with a stadium full of people with pumping adrenaline.
 To find cheap places that sale “concert clothes”, try:
Remember, even though you are going to be in the dark, you still want to slay on your way in and out. Especially if you are the type to mingle before the concert begins. Stay comfortable and cute. (even if it is in the basic concert shirt (no hate here)


♥♥♥Concert took place on : Aug. 25th 2017♥♥♥


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