Dear Diary: Closing The Door

Dear Diary,

August 5th was the beginning of my new transition..into adulthood.

I turned twenty on Sunday, Aug 5th at 12:03pm..the strike of two decades..the door that will change my life forever, and kill the child that is now dead.

I don’t want to seem dramatic, but twenty is the age I want to show how “adult” I can be with handling my responsibilities, reaching my goals without the use of my parents help, and experiencing things a child could not. This is also why I changed my blog name from Ashadah Fashion to Ashadah Lifestyle. One of my goals is to brand myself and become a trendsetter, icon, and fashion designer. I wish to show the world my perspective of life, art, and creativity in as many ways as I can.

Apart from how I began to adjust the way I think about myself and others around me, I also took the opportunity to change a tad bit of my wardrobe or appereance in general.

My Look Before 20:




My Look After:



I am smiling more, trying different makeup, hairstyles, and clothes!..Speaking of hairstyles…I even cut my hair into a taper hairstyle. Afterwards, I like to add braids/faux Locs or bun and bang it up!

Quick 6 Second video of a fresh cut with marley twits:



Earlier in the post I mentioned that the child is dead. The childhood in me is gone forever but never forgotten. I had a really good childhood growing up, and transitioning into an adult took all the force in me to close that door. It was a very heavy door, and I was struggling a bit, but in exercise, they say its more mental than physical..

My perception of religion has also changed a bit and my spiritual journey is taking a different course. Thinking in a positive space, mediatation and prayer keeps me accountable of my morals and actions. The energy around me or vibe, has changed in a gentler arura. I don’t want to carry any hate in my heart or soul when ever I encounter people on a daily basis, even if they do not like me for me, I want to show ane example of someone that exceeds that limitation and continues to be as positive as possible.

I am currently working on my heart chakra with a rose quartz crystal gem necklace and keep it close to my heart.

Even though my favorite color is blue, the colors I tend to go for now are rose gold, pastels of cool colors, and purples. I would have to do another post of those emanings of colors another time, but overall I am completely content with who I am and how I choose to show myself.

And now I shall open a new door…

Until Next Time,Β 

Ashadah Austin xoxo