Why Have A New Year’s Resolution?

People all over the world celebrate New Years Eve as well as New Years Day. A question seems to always stick year after year.. “What is your New Years Resolution?”

Some people may answer back saying: “What is the point? Why does it matter? It is not like I am going to follow it anyway…”


I think New Year Resolutions are great to push oneself even further, especially if the previous year was pathetic. Let’s not dwell on the past, but begin a new future, that is what a new year resolution is all about.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

So what are you going to do now that the clock strikes 12? Set some goals, push yourself to do better, create better endings and experience a memorable beginning.

Nothing wrong with that right?

Just remember, New Years is not an excuse to do those things, each day is a new day. Each day is a new beginning and a better ending. Allow yourself to prosper and become a better you.

One more thing, if you feel like you’re going to fail before you even start (something I struggle with the most) just do not think about it. Creating pointless scenarios in your head will only destroy your potential and progress.

Some of my New Years Resolutions are:

  1. Create a closer relationship to God
  2. Express my feelings with no fear
  3. Minimalist lifestyle
  4. Time management
  5. Create everyday
  6. Be kind to myself
Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

To achieve your resolutions, always: Be consistent, be persistent, and be strong in every decision you make.

Comment some of your resolutions below! I would love to know!

-Until Next Time, Ashadah


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