Trend Tea and Coffee House

Sometimes, walking around your town and trying out small businesses will create new happy places for you. Trend Tea and Coffee House is the cutest, cozy, cafe I’ve every encountered in Montclair, NJ. This place was so cozy and chill, I did not want to leave at all! I was surrounded by cute chairs, tea cups, and art ! The day I went there was … Continue reading Trend Tea and Coffee House

Brunch w/ Mother

My mother and I enjoy exploring the food spots in town. One of our favorite spots is the REDEYE cafe. We always have a blast enjoying our time together from the busy schedules we both endure. I love the conversations we have and our silly moments together as just…mother and daughter. I appreciate so much about her..the details she remembers about me that I often … Continue reading Brunch w/ Mother

My Happy Place

Anthropologie is probably the best place to window shop, explore what you like, and to discover decor ideas ! Fun fact: each Anthro store is unique in every detail and aspect {the size of the store, decor, clothing, setup} Enjoy these beautiful yummy items in my exploration in my Happy place! 5 Second BoomerangsΒ !   Don’t forget to comment, Like or even share πŸ˜€ ! … Continue reading My Happy Place